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Public Lecture: Has PISA helped or hindered?
15th April 2015
The results of the Programme for International Student Assessment’s (PISA) exercise of ranking school systems by testing students’ scholastic performance have been followed intensely by national authorities and the media. Has it helped or hindered the improvement of education systems though? Much of it depends on national contexts, said D...
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1 NTU Named World's Fastest Rising Young University
2 Armenian children are offered a free high tech education
3 Duke of Cambridge honours Chinese UK alumni
4 Tuition fees hike hit courses with low salary expectations
X-teams: How to Build Teams That Lead, Innovate and Succeed
Why do good teams fail? Very often, argue Deborah Ancona and Henrik Bresman, it is because they are looking inward instead of outward. Based on years of research examining teams across many industries, Ancona and Bresman show that traditional team models are falling short, and that what’s needed--and what works--is a new brand of ...
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We conduct research on the links between education and leadership in the development of human capital and social capital for societal progress in Asia. With this we formulate and disseminate policy issues and foster policy development. This body of intellectual capital underlies, supports, and legitimizes educational ventures we sponsor in the Asia-Pacific region.